Parameter Aliases in SharePoint REST

This relatively brief post will explain what a Parameter Alias is in OData. They’re used in examples throughout the SharePoint REST API Documentation, and there is a brief description of them (see references), but they are not very well explained. The basic syntax looks like:

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Pagination in SharePoint REST Requests using $top and $skipToken

In my last couple of posts, I talked about how to use the OData operators to select, expand, sort, and filter data. In this post I’m going to introduced a couple more operators, $top and $skipToken, which can be combined to provide pagination functionality through the SharePoint REST APIs.

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$select and $expand in SharePoint REST requests

I have used OData operators like $select, $filter and $expand in previous posts (REST in SharePoint) without any real explanation. This post is the first in a series that will rectify that by giving detailed descriptions of how to use OData operators in SharePoint REST requests. In this post, I’m going to explain the purpose and usage of two OData operators, $select and $expand.

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